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drawing with pencils of all types


painting in watercolor and oil


ink painting in various colors


drawing with different hardness

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Svetlana Kornilova

I explore the ephemerality of our current existence. Despite of the fact that we are in material space, our life is increasingly flowing into the net. The possibilities of modern technologies allow you to transfer most of your time into the nets of electronic devices, leaving real life outside of it. Thus, a person begins to live more and more not in the real world, but in the world of information phantoms. In my paintings, I try to fix a person in the material space. My characters perform intelligible, tangible actions within recognizable physical objects. I portray an ideal world where everything is in its place.»

I often turn to the theme of childhood. After all, childhood is the beginning of a person, the basis of his relationship with the outside world. By placing an object in canvas space, I show the situation or stage that the person is going through. That is, the picture is like a portal through which the viewer can look back, plunge into their memories or suggest some events in the future.

Small Details Make a Big Impression!