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Date of birth: 11 of May 1981

Works with traditional materials (canvas, oil), portraits and multi-figured compositions. Studies the theme of a human being in the space of the modern world.

1992-1996 Art School, Dmitrov, Moscow region, Russia.

Works with traditional materials (canvas, oil), portraits and multi-figured compositions. Studies the theme of a human being in the space of the modern world.

1992-1996 Art School, Dmitrov, Moscow region, Russia.

State Institute graduation

Graduated from the summer school program for drawing and painting at the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I.E. Repin, Moscow, Russia.

Repin’s State Institute

The global authority of Russian fine art, and with it the Russian art school, is well known.

The Higher School of Masters of Russian Art and the center of the artistic life of the country — the Academy of the Three Most Notable Arts — was founded on the initiative of I.I.Shuvalov and M.V.Lomonosov by decree of the Senate in 1757. Classes began in 1758 in several classes at once — painting, sculpture, architecture and medallion. And six years later, on November 4, 1764, by the highest decree of Empress Catherine II, the «Privilege and Charter of the Imperial Academy of the Three Most Noble Arts» were approved — the legislative recognition by the government of the self-worth and independence of artistic activity. Today, the Roman numerals MDCCLXIV, laid out in mosaic on the floor of the Academy lobby, remind of this significant date. Already in the early years, a strictly consistent training system was developed at the Academy and further improved.

They started with drawing — at first they comprehended simple drawing without a ruler, then they moved on to copying samples (engravings from paintings by the best masters or drawings), plaster antique samples and, finally, drawing from the nude. In parallel with drawing, painters began to paint from the nude, sculptors began to sculpt it, and architects studied orders, measurements, washing architectural elements, designing small decorative and park structures, and then creating large-scale three-dimensional compositions.

Along with this, plastic anatomy, architectural graphics, general education subjects, and languages were taught at the Academy. They completed the course by performing a rather complex compositional work in their chosen specialty. The most gifted, whose works were awarded gold medals of the first or second «dignity», went on a «retirement» trip to improve their skills (as a rule, to Italy and France).

Moscow State University of Art and Industry

Svetlana Kornilova graduated from the Moscow State University of Art and Industry. Stroganov (department of monumental and decorative painting).

Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts (Stroganov Academy) is the oldest applied and industrial art university in Russia. Today the Academy prepares highly qualified specialists in popular artistic professions, among them: product, environment and graphic designers, muralists and sculptors, decorative artists, restorers and art critics.

Stroganov Academy was founded in 1825 by Count Sergey Stroganov – a member of a noble Russian family, who consequently supported the development of national art and industry. Since then Stroganov Academy has raised plenty of talented artists who made the glory of Russian art and design. Stroganov diploma means quality. Graduates work in all leading studios and agencies throughout the world. A lot of them are successfully self-employed. World famous artists, architects and designers has always been welcomed to teach at Stroganov Academy despite their artistic views or preferences. M. Vrubel, K. Korovin, V. Kandinsky, F. Shekhtel, A. Rodchenko contributed a lot to the formation of a unique tuition system – the Stroganov School, the very essence of which is respect to the tradition and openness to the innovation.

Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars

Completed a professional development course at the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I.E. Repin, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Personnel exhibition «The tale of the main thing»

Kornilova Svetlana’s personal exhibition «A Tale of the Main Thing» took place in the exhibition space of the Moscow Art Museum «Rosinka» (143442, Moscow region, Krasnogorsk district, Angelovo village, Moscow Art Museum «Rosinka»), February 10-March 10, 2019.

Royal Society of Portrait Painters annual exhibition at Mall Galleries

The painting «The Beginning» participates in the annual exhibition of the Royal Association of Portrait Painters, which will be held on May 7-22, 2020 at Mall Galleries, London, Carlton House Terrace 17, SW1Y 5BD

London Biennale: Masterpice

The London Art Biennale offers a museum-quality award exhibition organized by one of the oldest art galleries in Chelsea and curated by professionals. The 2022 edition was inaugurated by a member of the Royal Family, Lady Sophie Windsor, and the event was attended by many esteemed guests and collectors. Artists have the opportunity to win numerous awards including monetary prizes of up to a £5,000 GBP. The Biennale’s wide range of awards consists of multiple monetary rewards, subcategory awards, and the opportunity to have work professionally critiqued by the International Confederation of Art Critics.

The London Art Biennale is a museum-quality award exhibition that gathers contemporary art from around the world. There is no theme for the exhibit thus allowing for all artistic movements to be presented with a focus on a professionally curated journey of art that creates a stimulating yet coherent experience for viewers and collectors.

London is thirsty for art. The 6th edition London Art Biennale became one of the first events to inaugurate once restrictions have lifted in the UK.

Solo exhibition «Secret garden» at House Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva curated by Elina Gritchina

“The new project of Svetlana Kornilova has been created for five years and has not been completed yet. It is dedicated to childhood. And it grew up for a long time, like a child. Crystallized from observations and memories. From reflections on the importance and fragility of that period, which endlessly affects our entire long adult life. About how we live our childhood day by day and what we leave in memory forever. About what really happened, and about what we want to remember.

This project, of course, is also a deep artistic study of the connection between modern and classical art. Using the materials and techniques of classical art, referring to the colors and color solutions of the Renaissance, paraphrasing the interest of the golden age of Dutch painting in a child’s portrait, genre scenes and the transience of being, but speaking with the viewer in a modern neo-realistic plastic language, the author reveals the continuity of artistic processes outside of time.

In the series of works presented in the museum, Svetlana Kornilova refers to the works of old masters, quoting their desire for beauty and harmony, but adding a conceptually new reading to them. Studying the ephemeral nature of our current existence, the author reflects on the fragility of the material world, on the transition to the world of information phantoms, on voluntary slavery in captivity of electronic devices, on time that no longer flows through fingers, but through gadgets. About what will remain with our children in their childhood memories. Immersed in online classes, YouTube, tiktok, social networks and search engines, what will they rely on when they grow up?

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